Action Plans for Academic Excellence: Progress depends on innovation and its application. We update the knowledge of teachers through comprehensive workshops and training program. The school is granted autonomy by C.B.S.E to design its own curriculum, examinations and evaluation process for Class X in Science and Mathematics, The L.B.K. Public School with an autonomous status brings new initiatives, more enterprising and more innovative experiments and programs to meet students’ aspirations more effectively at all levels. We have developed a curriculum management system capable of making the necessary structural and pedagogic changes to keep pace with the needs of the students with the following action plans:

  1. Academic coordinator organizes meetings of H.O.Ds and the Syllabus transaction is designed in such a way that prescribed the course for classes X & XII is completed by mid-December every year. The syllabus for other classes is completed one month before the Annual Examination so that the students have ample time for revision. Weak children are given personal attention and extra time.
  2. Terminal assignment schedule for every subject and classes is provided.
  3. A regular periodic check on syllabus transaction of the subject and assignments on the board pattern for Board Classes (X & XII ).
  4. We conduct regular classes for X & XII stds in Winter School during winter vacation in December. Intensive and thorough revision is given to the board classes.
  5. The remedial steps are taken for weak children. Special classes/ mentoring/ guidance/care is taken for weak children and more opportunities/ chances are given to them so that they are encouraged.
  6. The parents are kept informed about academics and other matters pertaining to their wards.
  7. A continuous and comprehensive evaluation that incorporates both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education spread over the total span of the instructional timeline of the school calendar is taken up.