Vision: L.B.K. Public School envisages to be an institution of excellence dedicated to producing future leaders and useful dynamic global citizens.

Mission: The school strives for excellence in school education that provides a diverse and learner-centric environment conducive for every individual student to realize his potential to the fullest to become an enlightened, vibrant and productive member of the society with strong ethical values and pluralistic ethos.

Learners’ autonomy is a unique feature of the L.B.K. Public School. The school believes in giving greater autonomy to the students in all possible manners. By allowing the learners to have autonomy, choice, and control, the school makes a positive effect on their self-perception leading to enhanced self-esteem and appreciation and respect for their class and schoolmates. It not only gives a boost to their motivation and enthusiasm but also emotional stability and safety and broadened mental horizons. All our efforts are made to prepare our students for a lifetime of independent and innovative thought. Instead of teaching them what to think we try to teach them how to think.

Coupled with a strong foundation of social and moral values, the students at L.B.K. Public School also develop a respect for the rich cultural heritage of the country while mastering the complexities of modernity and internationalism.

The L.B.K. Public School is known for cultivating leadership skills among its students. The school leaves no stone unturned to equip the students with the right leadership skills to play their role effectively in all walks of life in the modern society.